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Makin' Memories Therapeutic Riding Center


Equine-assisted therapies can provide an individual with great physical and emotional rewards. The rhythmic motion of a horse moves the rider's body, helping to improve flexibility, balance, and muscle strength. Horses in a therapy setting can help to improve the rider's social and emotional well-being through developing a bond with the animal, encouraging interaction (both with the horse and volunteers), and fostering self-esteem.


Through the Makin’ Memories Therapeutic Riding Center, we offer programs, classes, and private lessons for those with physical, mental, and social disabilities. Our programs and classes offer an environment to which our riders can gain responsibility, independence, self-esteem, teamwork skills, social skills, hand-eye coordination, balance, muscle strength and tone, communication, and horsemanship.


Classes are small to ensure that each student has hands-on attention from an instructor at all times. We schedule therapeutic riding lessons on an individual basis, and through a number of programs throughout the community, such as the United Way Freedom Riders, Cayuga Institute for Living & Learning Skills (CILLS), and the Hillside Family of Agencies, as well as through local school districts. Please call 315-224-9085 to learn more about our therapeutic programs.


We also offer hands-on-only (no riding) type of therapies.


Please contact Donna for any questions and pricing 315-224-9085
Prices varies depending on disability and lesson plan.


*We ask that anyone wanting to undergo our Therapeutic Riding Program receive clearance to do so from medical personnel such as a family doctor or specialist.*


Current Therapeutic Riding Programs:


Hillside Program
The Hillside Family of Agencies strives to provide aid and learning experiences for children with emotional challenges or trauma. We are proud to partner with the local Hillside group in Auburn, NY to provide therapeutic riding as an emotional outlet for these children.
For more information about the Hillside program, call (315) 258-2100 or visit

Freedom Riders
The Freedom Riders program is part of the Cayuga County United Way Freedom Recreational Services, providing opportunities to children in Cayuga county with mental or physical disabilities.
For more information about the Freedom Riders program, call (315) 253-5465 or visit

Cayuga Institute for Living & Learning Skills (CILLS)
The CILLS Program, hosted through Cayuga Community College, is designed for adults with mental or physical disabilities. Through this program, students learn about horses and horse care in addition to therapeutic riding.
For more information about the CILLS program, call (315) 294-8841 or visit

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