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  • A reminder for any horse you bring to Southern Tier Stables:

    • You must have proof of a rabies vaccination certified at least two (2) weeks prior to the event date.

    • A negative Coggins run for two (2) calendar years is also required.

    • Before riding at our facility (including trail riding), you must sign a Waiver and Release of Liability Agreement (see below).

  • Attire -- Southern Tier Stables requests appropriate attire for all riders. This includes:

    • An ASTM / SEI certified equestrian helmet -- this is MANDATORY for all riders under 18

    • A riding boot with a heel height of one inch or greater

    • Garments should not pose potential safety hazards by being ill-fitting or with excess fabric to catch in equipment

  • Behavior

    • Roughhousing will not be tolerated

    • Children are required to have adult supervision

    • No excessive rough handling or mistreating of horses

    • Be mindful of your horse in relation to other horses and people

    • Leave your area as clean or cleaner than how you found it - 
      There are manure forks, muck buckets, brooms and shovels located throughout the barn

    • Please do not approach a horse with the intent to pet, touch equipment, and/or feed treats without the rider or owner's permission

  • Pets

    • Pets must be leashed at all times.





  • Hold Harmless Agreement

    • In preparation for your visit to Southern Tier Stables, please download, print, and fill out, a copy of our Hold Harmless Agreement.

    • We require all riders to sign this agreement. If you forget yours at home, copies will be provided at all events.


Click Here to Download the Waiver and Release of Liability

We reserve the right to change policies and forms at any time.

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